Jonathan's Homepage

Jonathan's Homepage

  • Westside This is the school I currently attend
  • Today's menu This is where we find each days lessons and plans
  • HTML In this essay is where you make links to websites
  • FREEWEBSPACE Here is where all of my work is written and displayed
  • FREEWEBSPACE my poetry page

    MY WORK:

  • Metaphor Here is where I used three poems to show different metaphors
  • To a son Here I broke down two poems to show my understanding of each line and then i explained why a parent is important
  • Shakespeare's Sonnet One This poem was about procreation and birthing life
  • Scarlet Ibis Short story talks about the meaning of truth and its undefined definition
  • IRONY The short stories and poems show different types of ironic stories to help us elevate our essays
  • Satire Is short stories showing what people really are and how contradicting they are
  • FightWas a story about two kids that had gotten in to a verbal fight in the play ground
  • Confrontationabout a guy who worked in a factor and almost got into a fight
  • deadendpersonal battle with ones self

  • My Jounal

    JNTHN_VLZ@YAHOO.COM This is the email I can be reached at